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"IMAGE-in that which you ultimately desire!"

Reiki, Elemental Cleansing

& Sound Healing

Priestessing is all about invoking a level of awareness, kindness, gentleness, truth, charity, and beauty to life!

Angela Jeanne brings 10+ years of experience in

bringing the unconscious into the conscious!

Available for personal one on one sessions,

couples, group immersions, or skype sessions.

$299 - 3 hrs session

E-mail me for scheduling & payment

Elemental Kundalini Yoga 

Ground, Focus & Center     

Let go of stress

Lighten your load

Deepen into self nurturance

Improve your self care and self love

Develop a personal Sadhana practice

Adopt a calm disposition

Cultivate Kindness

Connect to Earth, Air, Fire Water & Spirit!

Energizing and clearing affirmations, Toning,

Mantra and Movement

Deep relaxing gong bath


$20 - 90 minute Sessions

Skype or in person

E-mail me for scheduling & payment

Blessing Ways 

Rejuvenating & Relaxing!

Sweet ritual space is set for deep devotional love for self

including hand and foot therapies, full body clearing and anointing, energy therapy and more!

 Surrender into the arms of nurturing care

Perfect for mammas to be!



 Half day - (4 hours) $299

Mamma to be and one other person

(Up to four - add $50 per additional guest)


 Full Day - (8 Hours) from $499+ 

(Up to 8 people - included add $50 per additional guest)

E-mail me for scheduling & payment

Ask me about groups ceremony and we can tailor your time

with your ideas, needs, wants and desires!

Priestess Training

Ceremonial Temple Arts 

Dive into the realms of the mystery!

Spend a half a day, whole day or a weekend with me!


Clear, Release and Renunciate

Initiation and Consecration 

Invoke your medicine

Reveal your spiritual name 

Connect to Earth, Air, Fire Water & Spirit!

Devote your life to the interplay of light and dark, walk into the shadows of your own psyche and open to the powerful manifestation of your own personal power!


4 hours   $299 Per Person      8 hrs $499  Per Person

$899 - Weekend 3 Day Immersions

Customized package options available!

E-mail me for scheduling & payment

Water Immersion

Water is Life!

Water is First Medicine

We all come from the womb and the darkness.

Water is connected to the Moon, the tides, emotions,

the psyche and intuition.

As women we are Earth Guardians and Stewards of the Earth. We are connected to the Mother through our MtDna.

It is our sacred responsibility to teach our children about the sacredness of water and the way we use water. 

* * * * * 

40 Day Water Ritual Mentoring - 

Water Blessing  



(Couples, babies and individuals)​​

$111 per person

Ask me about group immersions and we can tailor your time with your

ideas, needs, wants and desires!

E-mail me for scheduling & payment


Elemental Connection Ceremony & Ritual


Angela will guide you on a healing and meditative experience at the Angel Valley Labyrinth and lead you in Elemental and Ceremonial Healing to clear the past

and help you open anew to the future.


We will also visit the Amitabha Stupa to ground your intentions and touch in with the sacred vortices!


Cost: $199 per person

Sedona, Arizona


*$30 a person is paid to the Angel Valley Labyrinth

E-mail me for scheduling after payment.


Reiki & Sound Healing 


Reiki is used to ease pain, anxiety, fatigue, and depression, but since at its core is the conviction that the body in its natural state can heal any ailment, the applications, theoretically, are endless.


Cost: $199  per person  

2 hour Session

At your home, Yoga Studio or Healing Space

E-mail me for scheduling after payment.


(808) 741-1559

*While things do happen, there are NO refunds on Deposits, Courses or Sessions. 

*Please be sure you want to attend or receive before purchasing.

*All Sessions are scheduled -please allow 24 Hours in the event of needing to reschedule.

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